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Naturally Simple

Keeping fresh air flowing into your garden without bringing in harmful bugs, mold, bacteria, and more can be a tall order. The Horti-Control foam filter Dust Shroom helps you do this all while not causing restrictions which reduces CFM (cubic feet per minute).


"The best filter for any fan. Catches bugs, pollen, dust and mold!" 

-Daniel Erickson 




Dust Shroom 

Filter your growroom air

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When cultivating using a greenhouse  made of transparent material, such as glass or plastic it becomes abundantly clear that plants require regulated climatic conditions - and to that circulation and fresh air are KEY! These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings but all require air flow and can be easily outfitted for Dust Shroom Filtration. 

Indoor USE

Dust Shroom allows indoor growers to avoid contamination of plants. When used on grow tents it filters the intake air to keep contaminants such as mold, mildew, pollen, and pest from contacting plants. Many breeders use Dust Shroom on intake and exhaust to eliminate unwanted cross pollination. Commercial gardens that use tiered growing rack systems use Dust Shroom to prevent blowing contaminates on their plants when using vertical airflow systems such as those made by IGE, Pipp, Air Glide and others. Dust Shroom can also be attached to inline fans used to circulate air in sealed rooms. When connected to the outlets of HVAC systems, they prevent contaminants that infiltrate the air handlers from being blown back into the garden. 

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